Creative Micro Designs related manuals
Some of these manuals were originally distributed with CMD computers & peripherals, and they can be downloaded for own use if original is missing. Copying and reprinting of these documents are forbidden by copyright law.


1541jd.zip 2008-05-05 1491188
JiffyDOS 6.0 manual for the 1541
1571jd.zip 2008-05-05 914859
JiffyDOS 6.0 manual for the 1571
CMD-HD-manual.zip 2008-05-05 5247947
CMD HD hard drive manual
CMD_FD2000_Manual.zip 2008-05-05 82363804
CMD FD2000 3.5" floppy disk drive manual
JiffyDOS6Manual.zip 2008-05-05 1921830
JiffyDOS 6.0 floppy disk drive enhancement chip manual
SuperCPU128.zip 2008-05-05 31862994
d>SuperCPU accellerator for the Commodore 128 manual
c64jd.zip 2008-05-05 1239577
JiffyDOS 6.0 manual for the Commodore 64

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