Commodore related manuals
See also the Project 64 document homepage at http://project64.c64.org/ and the iDOC= homepage at http://www.softwolves.pp.se/idoc/.
These manuals were originally distributed with all Commodore computers & peripherals, and can be downloaded for own e if original is missing. Copying and reprinting of these documents are forbidden by copyright law.


1351ms11.txt.gz 2008-08-14 9161
User's manual for the 1351 mouse.
1670modm.txt.gz 2008-08-14 12240
Manual for the 1670 modem< d>
1700re10.txt.gz 2008-08-14 15503
Manual for the 1700 128k REU
4dip1670.txt.gz 2008-08-14 2196
Manual for the 4-dip switch 1670 modem
magicvoice.txt.gz 2008-08-14 18379
Manuals for Magic Voice cartridgeomnitronixrs232dox.zip 2008-05-05 1095865
Manual for the omnitronix RS232 interface
soundexpander.txt.gz 2008-08-14 5697
Manual for the Sound Expander cartridge
soundsampler.txt.gz 2008-08-14 8019
dd>Manual for the Sound Sampler cartridge

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